501 Prompts Announcement

Probably you haven’t heard much of me in the past few weeks. I haven’t been as active on my blog as before. Part of it is because I had some busy weeks with work. Also, I returned to work on my very first novel.

But to be honest, I kind of have lost some steam. I started a short story series which I really enjoyed writing, and I will definitely continue to do so. But for now, the inspiration lost me.

Other creators inspired me to give prompts a try. They are an exciting way to get to writing and change things up a bit.

So I decided to dedicate some of my writing time to a new project: 501 Prompts.

How will it work? I take a prompt. Then, I write for 20 minutes. Probably aiming for something around 500 words. Of course, I will do some light editing to make the text more enjoyable to read before posting them.

The prompts I use are from Bryn Donovan’s book ‘5000 Writing Prompts: A Master List of Plot Ideas, Creative Excercise and More’

I don’t know how far I can go with the project. 500 seems intimidating, and I cannot imagine writing that much. But 501 looks and sounds nicer. So I will try to stick to it and practice what is important to me.

How do you approach your creative work? I’m curious to read your answers in the comments.