Prompt 9: Ignorance – 501 Prompts

The Prompt

They discover that the Earth is caught n a long time loop. It’s about to go back to prehistoric times and repeat again.
In5000 Writing Prompts by Bryn Donovan

My Story

Kira sat in a brightly lit backroom in the new UN Building, pondering on the speech she just had given in front of the gathered international community. She was sure that it would go down as the speech of the century, maybe even Millenium.

While searching for the cause of the latest increase in extreme weather phenomenons, she and her team of scientists had discovered that Earth was stuck in a perpetual time lapse. The extended heat periods during summer, rising ocean levels, and destructive events turned out to be precursors of the planet getting set back to its prehistorical state.

Kira had given a passionate speech warning humanity of the impending eradication and proposed a detailed plan on how to fix the situation. She had poured her heart and soul into it. And the entire assembly had listened. The International Corporate Council, the de-facto world government for the past decade, had declined to listen to her before. But now, they couldn’t ignore her any longer.

Craig had turned on the TV to learn how the world reacted to the news. And what they saw made Kira question humanity’s fitness for survival.

“… is that the way her parents had raised her to speak? It’s a disgraceful way to treat the most important people in the world. She is a noisy brat, screaming and shouting just to get attention. She’s probably mentally ill like the rest of her generation.”

Kira had snatched the remote control from Craig and switched the channel. Listening to the hollow propaganda and attack against her person any longer would have made her sick.

“There are organizations that were already around before her birth. I just don’t get why she has to push herself into the middle of this—”

An angry push of the button on the remote cut off the commenter. An excellent looking politician wearing an expensive suit was interviewed on a different channel.

“She definitely should leave the work to professionals in politic and science to deal with real issues.”
“Professionals like yourself?”
“Yes, you see my program sees an increase in nationwide productivity—”

Kira switched the channel one more time. Clenching her hands into fists, she just couldn’t understand how the world could talk about those things instead of the real problem at hand. The data showed it without any doubt. The room around her had fallen completely silent, watching her getting angrier and angrier.

“Her dress is so outdated and last season. And it doesn’t really compliment her body type at all. Maybe if she lost some pounds—”

The screen of the TV broke dramatically when Kira threw the remote control at it. She couldn’t take it any longer. “Why isn’t anyone talking about the actual problem?! The data is right there.” The media circus had infuriated her, and she was fuming with anger.

“They say it’s all fake. Even if it was real, there is no evidence that it would influence future developments. Also, a lot of jobs would be at risk if they follow your plan,” said Tom, her social media consultant, without looking up from his phone. “The almost irrelevant left had jumped on board with your proposal, discrediting everything even further.”

“Why don’t they just give up already?” asked Sharon.

“I don’t fucking care.” Kira punctuated every word with a small pause afterward. “We all will be erased from existence if we don’t act now.”

“Well… maybe,” said Karen, “you should not have chosen that dress for your speech if it is so important.”

“Fuck you, Karen.”

My Thoughts

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Writing time: 20 minutes
Editing time: 30 minutes

I don’t know why, but my head immediately connected this prompt to the debate around global warming. Especially the recent speech of Greta Thunberg in front of the UN and the reactions to it. So, that’s basically what I recreated by writing this story.

We have all the same ingredients. Changes in the world we live in, proven by facts, data collections, and even the experiences of people living in that world.

It all played out in a world in the not so distant future. The effects that we’re experiencing now just have gone worse. Also, I had to throw in that some corporate overlords are ruling the Earth because… why not? In an earlier draft, I wanted to include that the sea level had risen years before the story so that most areas that are coastlines today are now underwater. But for some reason, I threw that detail out of the story. I just couldn’t find the place to fit it.

So Kira is a young woman. I don’t know if she is a scientist herself or just the spokesperson of a group effort, but she feels she gave the speech of her life. She just can’t understand why the whole world keeps debating the nonsense around her appearance instead of talking about what it means. Well, Kira, it’s all politics. If they can’t dispute your reasoning, the media circus will tear you apart to distract form everything.

Maybe the concept of a time loop is too abstract for the public. Instead of trying to understand it, they are content with debating what they think they know. Well, maybe that’s why those evil business people are ruling the world now.

Everything gets set back to prehistoric times, just to play out over and over and over again until the end of times. Maybe Kira never had a chance. Perhaps she is doomed to relive all of this when it’s her time again.

Oh well, that went a lot more cynical than I wanted it to. I mean, I don’t intend to go too political with those stories. But I’m a person that cares a lot about the stuff that’s happening around us. I’m certainly not going to open a debate on here.

But I just want to say that much: listen to other people expressing their experiences and needs. You don’t have to agree, but listen and try to understand. Always keep checking your own biases and try to be kind to the people around you.

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