501 Prompts: Week 4

October is drawing to an end. And that means one thing for a lot of you: Halloween!
I remember as a kid, I loved it. As much as I was scared of it. Back then, it hadn’t been a big deal in Germany. But we lived in a region where a lot of American soldiers were stationed. And we had a lot of Halloween stuff like haunted houses around. Also, The Simpsons Halloween Specials.

Today, I’m not much of a partying guy but I still love me some creepy stories. (But please, no horror films! I can’t watch those.)

So, to honor the season of ghosts, skeletons, ghouls and pumpkins, I will be working on horror-themed prompts!

Here are the first 6:

  1. Brothers who communicate only with one another ina language only they understand (cryptophasia) behave in increasingly erratic ways.
  2. She gets texts from a dead loved one.
  3. The room had a door when she entered, but now there is no door by which to escape.
  4. Rightening Eventy in a small town lead its citizens to dig up the grave of a deceased inhabitant.
  5. A person finds new photos of herself on her cell phone that she has no memory of.
  6. A basement contains jars filled with unusual specimen.

Let’s see what I can make of these!

Here is the list of last weeks prompts. Or jump to next week.