Inside a Writer's Mind 14: Summer Vacation – 501 Prompts

Haven’t read the prompt yet? Don’t worry, I got you.

I really enjoyed this form of prompt. Up until now, I had only worked with specific prompts that already set the story and the setting. With just 3 words, you have way more freedom to model the story any way you want it.
Everybody knows that with freedom comes great responsibility (that’s what they say, right?). But at first, I loved the story I came up with.

My idea came from thinking about all those horror movies with kids in the leads. In those, the parents mostly reject the notion of supernatural stuff happening. What if they know too well what’s going on?

I wanted to tell the story from the viewpoint of the parents. In my mind, they were the generation that survived all those murder clowns, space monsters, and I don’t know what. So when they find the add, their reaction is a shrug and ‘At least, we can afford it.’.

In a way that morphed the whole story more into a commentary on the economic situation of our time. And no political statement is perfect without the inclusion of vicious killer moth.

Solves all your problems instantly since 2019.

Wait… what… That’s not a thing, you say? Well, maybe looking at the state of the world it should be! Anyways, what have I been talking about?

Oh yes, freedom of creation. I made a little mistake with this prompt. I wrote it about two weeks ago. Then I let it sit for too long. I swear I wanted to edit and get it out. But I started to doubt my idea, my descriptions, the characters… The more I thought about it, the more I nurtured the doubt in my mind. And the bigger the blockade to actually get to the editing became.

These prompts aren’t supposed to be anywhere near perfect stories. Most of them probably aren’t even well told. Sure, I want people to enjoy the read and maybe get something out of it. But it’s mostly a place for me to try something new, get ideas and don’t worry too much about it.

So if you take anything out of all this then it should be the following:
Don’t dwell on it too much. Get it done, get it out, and move on.

Also, I have a cool announcement to make. From my next prompt onward, I will collaborate with a very cool illustrator to make some small visuals to add to the post. It might mess up my schedule (if that thing still exists) because I need to figure out how to get her in the loop about things, so everything is ready for the publication.

But I’m really excited and looking forward to it.

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