More Stories – 501 Prompts

When I started my 501 Prompts series, I could only dream of people engaging with it. I’m now 20 prompts in, and my blog has actual readers. At least I think you are not bots.

If you’re working creatively as well, you know how happy each click on one of my stories makes me. If not, rest assured that it means the world to me.

The main goal of this journey is to improve my own writing but I always had hoped others would take something away for their own work and share it with me. Imagining that someone would pick up one of the prompts and write their own take on it, seemed so far out there, so unreal to me. But here we are.

Remember my first prompt?

The barbarian girl from the north arrives at the school for priests.

My good friend Devlin started to work with it, and guess what? The story took over, and he kept running with it.

I’ve read the first part of Seven Clans over on his blog. I really enjoyed what he’s doing with the prompt. Akia, the young hero in his story, is supposed to be sent to the monastery to fulfill destiny and save the clans. But things take an unexpected turn when she’s about to leave.

Here, have a taste:

Akia stood silently in front of the still closed gates that lead out of her clan’s village. Today was the day she had been dreading for the last five years. Today, she had to leave her family home and go south to the Monastery Of The Enlightened. Her father and the elders of her village said it was her destiny to save the Seven Clans. Akia turned her head to look to the left looking up at the second story windows of the High Council Building. The shadow standing there had her fighting to keep a smile off her face. There was no reason for anyone to be in the building, yet she knew who was up there. She didn’t allow her gaze to rest on the window longer than a moment, but she saw the curtain drop back into place.” – Seven Clans by Devlin Bachman

Make sure to check his story out! I’m looking forward to following Akia on her adventure.

If one of the prompts I use inspires your work, awesome! Please, send me a link to it. I would be so happy to read and share it.