Prompt 27: The Day Nuance Died – 501 Prompts

501 Prompts is me trying to come up with anything of relevance even though I’m tired of writing anything at all.

Here’s how it works: I prepare my idea to the prompt and then sit down for 25 minutes to write it down. After a short editing session it goes online as it. It’s open to all genres, topics and experiments with storytelling.

I announced that I cancelled this week’s prompt on Twitter, but here we are anyway with a weird, little experiment of a story waiting for you.

Enjoy Prompt 27: The Day Nuance Died!

The Prompt

An unusual accident

My Story

Nuance died somewhere in the American midwest on a sunny and otherwise unremarkable afternoon.

No human being alive possessed the extensive and intimate knowledge of the universe’s history required to notice it, let alone understand the significance of the event — even though cultures maintaining a flourishing polytheistic pantheon could have grasped the idea if given the information.

The cosmic anomaly was threatening to upset any future the universe might have at that point, and it could be traced back to a small, seemingly insignificant accident.

Before the beginning of time, the cosmic forces were thrown into existence as a byproduct of creation. They didn’t know where they came from, nor did they care for it because their purpose was clear.

Intelligence and Rationality were the driving forces bringing progress everywhere they went. Far from being flawless on their own, Empathy and Compassion kept their ambitions in a delicate balance.

By the time they came across Earth, many others had joined them on their journey, and their family was rich and diverse. The celestials took a liking to the emerging human species and guided their evolution, even though they couldn’t prevent humans from making their own mistakes — terrible, terrible mistakes at that. Still, they tried to clear the way as good as they knew how to.

Humanity wasn’t supposed to ever discover the Internet. The invention had been tested by the celestials in alternate dimensions and lead to disastrous results for the entire universe every single time. So they locked the idea up to hide it in the furthest corner of the unknown void. It was never supposed to see the light of day.

No one noticed when Curiosity found the remote pocket dimension and brought it back to Earth. It was an unusual accident that no one had seen coming and would strain the structure of time and space. Even though she might not be directly involved in the murder of a cat, she was an unaware accomplice in the death of her sister.

Of the children of the cosmic forces, Nuance wasn’t the most notable but by far the most appreciated by connoisseurs. She wasn’t the only one to suffer from the unleashing of the Internet. Subtlety, Modesty, and Kindness were also among the ones left weakened. None of them, however, were unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“There is no climate change,” Jason blurted out in lack of any critical thought and self-reflection, which was his natural state of mind. “Everything is just like it was yesterday and the day before.”

The oversimplification alone was no real danger to Nuance, even in her damaged state. The possibility to spread his thoughts to millions through social media was on a whole different level, though.

The thread he posted was so far removed from any context and devolved into several rants, each worse than the one before. Hundreds of thousands of likes, retweets, and comments —even though half of them were opposing voices— were the icing on Nuance’s grave.

And humanity would never know what had happened.

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